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Baby Fingers + Hot Wax = End of Big Birthday Party

December 20, 2009

Ugh. So… we get a pass for throwing a fun birthday party, and a fail for keeping the kid from getting her fingers burned (not for real burned, nobody call CPS or anything. Just like, touched something too hot and flipped her nut) on the hot wax from her candle.

Honest to God how hard is it, people? Procure cupcake, stick giant numeral 1 candle in cupcake, light candle, sing to child, blow out candle for child because she’s only one and can’t do it herself, THEN REMOVE THE EFFING CANDLE BEFORE YOUR TINY CHILD CAN GRAB IT AND GET HER FINGERS IN THE DAMN MELTED WAX, allow child to decimate cupcake, take thousands of photos.

Anybody want to guess the part that we messed up?

Ugh. Sorry, just feeling like a way crappy mom tonight. We actually do have some cute pictures, mostly from the present opening part of the party.

Surveying her plunder!

Where should we start?

Dad’s trying to draw her attention back to where the action is, but she’s pretty happy just to hang with her cup. Obviously we should have left them alone in their happiness together:

I spent like $9 on this A-DORABLE hat at Party City!

And as you can see she totally loved it

And just to be clear, approximately 5 minutes after the “Why are you trying to kill me at my birthday party I thought you loved me you crazy people” hot wax incident she still had zero interest in the cupcake but was otherwise perfectly happy. It may have been the 6oz bottle she sucked down in about 45 seconds but I can’t be sure. We’re going to fo a better job of making sure the child eats something relatively substantial prior to the next major event, obv.

But when the lights go down and you’re out of your crazy tutu and no one’s trying to make you eat weird green frosting, it’s pretty funny when Mommy tries to wear the cowgirl hat that Nana gave you.

Please note the classy bra strap and sleeve covered in rejected frosting...

I’ll post some more fun party pics later in the week (which no one will look at because it will be Christmas time and you’ll all be super busy but that’s ok) after her actual birthday and our special family outing.

Her actual birthday is the 22nd. We will re-attempt the cupcake at some point that day. We’ve both taken the day off of work to spend the whole thing with our special love. Watch this space for my upcoming nervous breakdown. Technically I haven’t ruined her birthday yet.


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  1. kerri permalink
    December 20, 2009 10:30 pm

    thanks for the birthday candle lesson…i am sure she isn’t any worse for the wear…and when she is 16 you will prob laugh at the entire thing…her too. don’t be hard on yourself. SUPER cute tutu! hope the cupcake is a success on her REAL birthday…i mean…who doesn’t like a cupcake!

  2. Mandy permalink
    December 21, 2009 3:29 am

    oh lady! you did NOT ruin her birthday. if you did, that means i ruined Harpers by sweating profusely and cursing people under my breath like an insane person the entire time. First birthday parties are HARD. Hard work that goes unnoticed by your kid and more stress that it’s worth. But we gotta do it cause we’re moms and we just hafta. Once again dying over her fucking tutu (so glad you bought it!) and she looks just adorable. HUGS!

  3. Lisa permalink
    March 2, 2010 4:47 pm

    OMG my daughter did the same thing on her first birthday. I have it all on my video. Her crying, my crying. Me snapping at my husband to get some ice for pete’s sake. Awesome.


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