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Smooshy Mooshy

January 4, 2010

Typically when I say smooshy mooshy I am referring to one of my cats, Clara, for obvious reasons:


However, I have like 7 posts that I have been working on for all 3 of you fine readers and since I did not get my act together to post a proper birthday party review post, Christmas review post, Year In Review post or New Year Resolution post, you are about to be treated to what I am fondly referring to as “Smooshy Mooshy”. Or as we call it in The South, a hot mess. I’m even skipping most of the Year In Review/New Year Resolution stuff because it’s late and I’m tired but trust me, there’s plenty of mess without it!

First off, the birthday party, aside from the burning part, went really well! I’ve already posted some fun pics of the kid and the tutu and the presents, so here are some of the food and decorations. I was lovingly granted permission by Mandy to use her backup theme for Harper’s 1st Birthday of “Sweets” (Harper got Baby Zoo instead and had crazy cute elephants out the ying yang, lucky kiddo!). So I kind of morphed it into a cookies, cupcakes and candies theme.

Piper’s wonderful Godparents made and decorated the cupcakes and not only were they GORGEOUS they were also scrumptious and made with love by wonderful people who adore her (one of whom was 8 days away from back surgery, the other of course was caring for a person 8 days away from back surgery, and the party was 5 days before Christmas…) now that’s love, right?!?!


I know I know, pretty good for amateurs, right? Don’t be fooled, they are far from amateurs. Would amateurs have specialized cupcake carrying tupperware? I think not!!

Uncle Justin, movin the cakes

By the way, see that handsome man with the dignified moustache trying to blend in with the refrigerator in the background of that photo? That’s my Dad. He decorated almost all of these (plus about 2 dozen more) at 11pm the night before the party:

He also nearly gave himself a stress fracture or two pounding some fun shaped cookie cutters through some rock hard rice krispies treats, but I don’t have a great picture of those.  The Pops sure loves you Piper, rest assured.

The actual decorations were minimal, due to the fact that you don’t need to put up a ton of awesome in order to make awesomeness awesome.

I was chatting with my friend Meg, who blogs over at I Give a Crop (and hasn’t bought a greeting card since I’ve known her, probably longer, because she makes all the cards that she gives out and they’re super gross and you certainly don’t hang on to them for years or anything… ) about the theme and the trouble I was having tying it all together with the decorations, and she came up with the best idea ever for my paper lanterns: WRAP THEM IN CELLOPHANE SO AS TO LOOK LIKE HARD CANDY!!!

I KNOW, right? Crazy brilliant. Check it:

She swears she got it from somewhere else but… I don’t give a crop.

I’m sorry. I literally could not help myself. There’s been some wine, kay?  Meghan also took most if not all of the photos from the previous birthday party post, Thanks Meg!

OK so on to Christmas!

We had a lot of Christmases.  My Dad lives about two hours away and came down the afternoon before the birthday party on the 19th to celebrate Christmas with us.  We actually glammed it up this year and did not “just” hand each other the boxes in which the gifts were shipped to us by the friendly people at Amazon.  We wrapped them this year!!  Chris got clamps and Dad got movies and I got SCENE IT the Star Trek version and anyone who wants to challenge me can BRING IT ON.  Yes I am that fabulous.

We did Christmas Eve with all of the corniness I could squeeze in… special pajamas, cocoa by the fireplace, etc.

Yes. It's Christmas Eve and we had not taken down the birthday party decorations.

What do you mean a huge red man is going to come out of the fireplace? What, like now? Don't you think you should PICK ME UP before that happens?!?!?!

We had more Christmas at the house Christmas morning and Piper got all kinds of fun things and the Santa Presents went over great.  We did learn some  things though and will definitely do a better job next year of disposing of the packaging for the Santa Presents in a more circumspect manner… but I put her shopping cart together just fine thankyouverymuch:

We went to the In Law’s later on Christmas day and had another ton of fun. Piper napped late and slept through dinner, missing the Turducken altogether, which was a shame. But she had plenty of fun with her new Sillytown from Grandma and Grandpa!

December 26th found us in the pediatric urgent care as Piper has a 104.5 fever, bronchitis again. Sad baby. But, with some antibiotics and baby cough meds things are much much better these days!

However I do have some New Years Resolutions and one of them is to spend a bit less time in the pediatric urgent care…

Last year brought a lot of changes and I know that this year will as well. But bringing a baby home from the hospital, having my husband and I go back to work within a week of each other (he’d been laid off) and transitioning to working Mom with a baby in daycare when we’d been planning on Topher being a Stay At Home Dad were just a few of the biggie bigs. I also managed to break my hair straightener, glass stovetop, laptop shift key and tooth (again!) all in the last week of 2009.

So! Here are a couple of my resolutions. Ready? OK!

1. Get my kid to eat vegetables that aren’t orange so that the next time we have to go for a follow up visit after an urgent care walk in experience the pediatrician does not look at her and say “Somebody likes Sweet Potatoes!!” because HER SKIN IS SORT OF ORANGE!!! Not kidding. Just look at her:

I know, we’re flipping adorable though, right?

2. I want to learn something about nutrition and my food sources every day. Doesn’t have to be a big thing, just something. Right now I am reading a book called The Omnivore’s Dilemma and it is I keep thinking that I can’t eat anything in my house ever again but then my stomach disagrees with me.

3. Go on more dates (more would equal like, 3 in a year) with my handsome husband. Because I like him, and I like him a lot when we’re both showered and dressed appropriately to request service from a 7-11 convenience store clerk.

4. Read/watch less Twilight. We don’t need to discuss it do we?

There are more but aren’t there always? I could put 20 more things on here but those are the most important. Hopefully I can at least make some progress on all of them.

Cheers to 2010, y’all! Here’s to a Fabulous New Year!

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  1. Meghan permalink
    January 5, 2010 8:24 am

    Lol. Woman, you are too funny. Glad my idea and photo skills were helpful 🙂

  2. emily bilbrey permalink
    January 5, 2010 5:37 pm

    great post, mae! i had to stifle my laughter with my sweater sleeve because poppy is napping! sounds like you had a whirlwind 2009… d and i know a thing or two about how quickly circumstances can change – he got laid off from his job 2 weeks after poppy was born, which changed almost everything about our plans for the first year of p’s life. glad to see you guys still smiling and clearly making wonderful memories for your little piper girl! sounds like her first birthday and second christmas were a smash. cute photos, cute family, glad you’re blogging, happy trails! x.

    • January 6, 2010 11:05 am

      Emily, it is so true that a job loss changes everything. Getting new jobs changes everything too but in a way less stressful way. Topher was laid off for a total of four months so he ended up home with me every day for the last 7 or so weeks of my pregnancy and he was home with us until the last week of my maternity leave, when Piper was 10 weeks old. If my crystal ball had been working and I had known that everything was going to be ok (not exactly what we planned for, but OK nonetheless) it would have been easier to treasure that time as it was happening. I do feel so blessed though that we were able to spend so much uninterrupted time with each other when we became a family.

  3. January 6, 2010 10:43 am

    LOVE Omnivore’s Dilemma and totally need to re-read it to get my Little Debbie-eating butt back in gear.

    I used to subscribe to Martha Stewart’s Body+Soul magazine, which is all about healthy eating and living without being TOO hippy dippy crazy loony about food. I definitely learned alot from that magazine, so you might want to check it out!

    All the best in 2010!

    • January 6, 2010 10:59 am

      Thanks Gina! I’m making a list of things I want to explore once I finish TOD and Martha Stewart’s Body + Soul Mag is now on it… I know that Martha gets a lot of flack for being all perfectly perfect and what not but the most easy to understand and comprehensive explanation of pastured/wild harvested meats and fish and how/when/why to buy them or not to buy them that I have come across came from an issue of Living. It’s one I keep out and reference regularly. Thanks so much for stopping by (and love the pics of Mirabelle’s big birthday bash, btw!)!

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