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“Oh! So it’s Go Time?”

January 11, 2010

Words uttered by my husband over the weekend. Apparently I have made even more resolutions than I’ve been letting on.

My favorite Go! project this weekend was heading to the farmer’s market in the freezing cold and buying some super tasty fresh eggs (fresh as in gathered from hens the day before, or even that morning) from a local chicken farm. We also got some local honey which we are going to start introducing to Piper now that she’s a big one year old baby, so that she can start building up a tolerance to local allergens. Plus it’s major yum and is called Winter Stout, so how the hell can we go wrong with that?

I don’t have any pictures of the farmer’s market because I forgot to put it back in the bag after taking this:

Y’all? That’s an icicle and it is hanging from my gutter off of my back porch here in Florida. SO exciting. I understand that it was only about an inch long but I don’t care. I’m thrilled. I grew up in Michigan and this pansy crap they try to pass off as winter here does not do it for me. Hooray icicles on my roof!

The next Go! item involves making the family room less of a death trap for Piper and if you’ve been reading my inane tweeting over on the right there, you’ve likely noticed that I have been talking about end tables and HomeGoods with alarming frequency. I still have no end tables but HomeGoods did get some of my money this weekend by selling me this lovely item in which we now store our TV and related items:

Next up on the Go! list I am trying to cook more, and made a serious show of it this Sunday. First, I made Pho and it was We will definitely do a couple of things different next time, like not forget the leeks altogether, and make way less rice noodles. However my ghetto rigged coffee-filter-tied-with-embroidery-floss, AKA, a stand in for the tea infuser holding the ginger, star anise and cloves that the recipe called for worked brilliantly and I am frankly proud of Topher for coming up with it.

I was pretty worried that we were going to end up with some kind of Bridget Jones blue soup thing but we didn’t. We ended up with super yummy pho which was actually really easy to make and so worth it.

Also, I am working my way through a week’s worth of recipes. I was given as a Christmas gift by my Mother a cookbook which claims to offer a month’s worth of menus for the “Weeknight Cook”. I am on Week 1. I’m not saying I’m going to do this like, ongoing or anything, but this week it’s a fun experiment. Sunday and Monday’s dinners have been really good and not overly labor intensive so I am feeling it, people. Plus, we had to buy a bottle of port to make Thursday’s pork chops so it’s obviously good for my liquor cabinet.

In the last Go! item of the week, I’m making a pretty serious effort to only buy wines that cost less than $10 a bottle AND have either a picture of an animal on the label or the name of an animal in the name somewhere. Why? For the fun. Oh and Costco? Hi. You’re kind of making this one difficult. Thank God for the always affordable Smoking Loon and the Louis Jadot that was on sale this week with the very very small tiny horse drawn cart on the label.

(The third and optional piece of criteria is that the wine be screw top. Because then it fits in the door of the fridge with the milk and coffee creamer, see. That’s right, the important beverage components) If anyone has any recommendations, Go!

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  1. kerri permalink
    January 12, 2010 2:15 pm

    love the wine criteria…will keep my eye out!
    and your ghetto fab makeshift tea infuser…will be what i use when i get around to making it…because um…do i really want to but a tea infuser if this little pouch will work….um no!

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