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2,791,471 Minutes

February 23, 2010

I married the man of my dreams on October 23rd, 2004 inside St John’s Episcopal Church in Tampa Florida. It was one of the most wonderful days in my life and one that I think about all the time.

2,791,471 minutes or so into our marriage, we were privileged to go back to St John’s as guests at another wedding. My friend Cydne, who I’ve known since high school (we were on the dance team together and we were frickin awesome!) was married to a lovely young man named Matt (does the “young” sounds condescending? They’re younger than me and ever since I hit thirty I’m working hard to capitalize on that. He’s not like scandalously young or anything) on February 13th, 2010.

Cydne looked beautiful, which was easy because she always does. Matt looked awed, as well he should since she was especially radiant, and the guests were wayyy happier than ours since they didn’t do a full communion like we did. At the point in the service when the officiant (The same one who married us!) requests that the congregation agree to support the couple in their marriage, we eagerly answered “we do” and we meant it. When he got to the part about all married couples in attendance renewing their commitments to each other we squeezed hands and I teared up. I love my wonderful husband so much and it was such a special treat to be back there with him, watching everything from the other side, remembering our day and imagining all of the adventures this wonderful couple might have waiting for them.

I don’t have any awesome or gorgeous photos of their wedding. The church isn’t exceptionally enthusiastic about flash photography during sacraments (although I hear they’ve lightened up considerably since our time) and frankly we were there to be in the moment, not to capture it. I’m confident the bride and groom paid handsomely for professionals to capture their moments for them. We certainly did, and they werent allowed to take many photos. So. They sneaked some on the DL and I love them.

Our chalice bearer and crucifer punked out the day of our wedding, probably because they’re teenagers and we got married at 10:30 on a Saturday morning. We were so blessed that my Aunt Jane was able to fill in and this photo has always been one of my favorites.

The reception was really great and my camera mercifully died before the dancing started. Trust me, this was a good thing. I did get a couple of fun pics though:

Wasn’t she beautiful? Two of those three bridesmaids were also on the aforementioned dance team, Alexa on the left and Shannon on the right. The redhead, Jill, was not but is my best friend Tessa’s younger sister and happens to be the Mother of Option 1 and Option 2, AKA Piper’s future Mother In Law.

Two of my three besties, Tessa and Liz and I. I don’t know why my hair is doing that. If you do, please share. If you know HOW TO FIX IT please share that first. Also, counting on you guys to not let Me wear polka dots again. Thanks.

This post was done partially on my wordpress for blackberry app as the laptop gods are once again angry with us for some unknown reason. Therefore if anyone wants to take issue with any spelling or format issues, please feel free to do so. Someplace else.

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