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Sometimes, not everybody makes it

March 31, 2010

Our garden is no exception.

I could say that we’ve worked really hard and we’re disappointed and we’re replanting the stuff that isn’t making it… but those would all be lies.

We’ve hardly worked at all.  Seriously I think I’ve weeded twice since we put the garden in over a month ago and maybe spent 15 minutes at it each time. Usually we just head out there 4 times a week or so and water the thing. Piper likes to play in the water.

We are so far from disappointed, you guys. When we put this garden in, we were clear that our only real goal was to learn and we’ve already learned a lot. We’ve learned that our local squirrels like squash and cucumber seeds because they dug them up and chowed down and now we don’t and won’t have any squash or cucumbers. Therefore if we were judging our garden based on the square footage that is actually producing anything right now, it’s not looking good.  So, it’s a good thing that’s not how we’re rolling on this project.

[WAIT. Have I mentioned that everything about this project is organic, from the seeds, to the potting soil to the antifungal treatment to the complete absence of pesticides to {I’m assuming} the squirrels? Well, it is. Yet another reason for us to be thrilled with any yield whatsoever.]

We’re not replanting in any of the space that’s now bare. Because this is supposed to be fun. And that doesn’t sound like fun right this moment so it’s not happening. PLUS we have plenty of other things still growing quite nicely thankyouverymuch and we’re pretty happy with how they’re doing. In addition to the cherry tomatoes I showed you on my last garden post, we now have broccoli and taller bean plants and bigger carrot tops. Stoked, y’all.

Clockwise from top left: the full 8′x8′ plot; carrot tops; the squirrel’s snackyard AKA Failplot 2010; one of our 3 teensy heads of broccoli

In summary, our garden is great, for us, and we’re very happy with our progress. My Mom and step-dad are coming back over next weekend, and I’m sure they’ll have some words of wisdom for us. And maybe some ideas about how to keep the squirrels out…? Hi Mom. I know you read. So start thinking!

PS – I’d like to apologize for being a bit MIA the last week or so. Today marks the end of my company’s fiscal year, and when you’re in sales, that means you spend the last couple of weeks digging for pennies under benches at bus stops. Do you Think I can train the squirrels to do that for me in exchange for cucumber seeds? Because I could really use the extra time. You know, for blogging.

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  1. March 31, 2010 9:31 pm

    I’m in sales….I feel your pain, sista! I think the garden seems to be doing pretty well! Eh, there’s always some casualties….especially with blasted squirrels. Squirrels once ate one of my cactus. A cactus….with thorns, y’know. I don’t know there’s much to be done about them, other than causing them bodily harm……bad karma.

  2. April 1, 2010 9:07 am

    I saw this: the other day and thought of you! She put flower box type things on the fence, maybe that plus covering them over with some of that wire stuff would deter Slappy Squirrel & friends?

    Aaaanyway, it’s good to know you can get some benefit without much effort. If we do plant anything this year, it won’t get weeded much either. I don’t do outside.

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