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History (not so much) repeating itself

May 6, 2010

My Mom is one of 11 kids, therefore I have approximately 7 zillion cousins. This is great for me because I’m an only child so they’re like siblings with whom I never had to share a room. Or food. Or money. Or parents. Anyway, sometime in the early 80s, I’m thinking it must have been 82 or 83-ish we ended up having a family reunion of sorts (wedding? graduation? Eagles World Tour?? who knows.) and my Mom and her sister Karen were able to score this adorable photo of themselves and their kids:

My Mom, me and all of our hair on the right. My cousin Anni, her topknot and my Aunt Karen on the left. MY Raggedy Ann doll on my lap. Mine.

Don’t be fooled by the awesome quality of the scanned copy of a printed scanned copy of a photo taken almost 30 years ago you see here, people. These were actually posed for and taken by a professional of some kind. I haven’t talked to my Mom about it in a while but I’m assuming that some kind of forethought went into this. I mean, look at our adorably coordinated outfits! Even Raggedy Ann is dressed in a matching pinafore.

My cousin Anni and I grew up really far away from each other; I was in Michigan and then Florida, she was in Arizona. We only saw each other a handful of times over the years we were growing up but always had an amazing time making up ridiculous dances in which we flashed our underwear for no reason, or painting our younger cousins faces with shaving cream, or encouraging epic water fights in hotel bathrooms. Another Aunt once bought us matching stationery with our initials on it so that we could write to each other, and frankly I have no idea what happened to it but I do blame that aunt for my lifelong stationery hoarding problem. But whatever, we love each other as adults and even better, we like each other a lot. Plus we have cell phones and myspace facebook and twitter and blogs and email and text messaging AND we’ve been fortunate to spend more time with each other over the last 6 years than we probably ever did growing up.

Anni, her husband Dan, Topher and the babies and I were supposed to get together a couple of Saturdays ago, when they were actually in town and about 20 minutes away from our house. This was a big huge super awesome deal because they live in LA and we live in Florida. Anni and I had big plans to spend several hours together on a Saturday morning, letting the girls poke each other in the eye and chew on each others stuff while sipping coffee and discussing which family member is going to get married next so we can have more than a couple of hours to spend together letting the girls poke each other in the eye and chew on each others stuff and sip some damn cocktails. But, Piper was sick. So we couldn’t go and thought we were going to miss seeing them altogether and I cried because that sucked.

But, later in the week they drove back from Dan’s parents place across the state to fly home, so Anni and I hatched a crazy plan (which never would have worked had the rental car GPS gods not smiled on us). I took the afternoon off, grabbed a box of graham crackers, the stroller and my kid and drove an hour to meet them at the airport. We hung by the security line and we talked while my new baby cousin Lily and I got to know each other; she chewed on my chin while Piper used her baby sign language to demand 47,000 graham crackers from the convenience of her stroller, thoroughly impressing the parents of a 6 month old chin chewer. It was awesome.

The time came SO fast for them to work their way through the security line and get to their gate, but Anni and I made Dan take about 80 pictures before they joined the masses and luckily one of them actually almost mostly came out. We did not have matching outfits, or a Raggedy Ann doll, or makeup, or cooperative children, but it was still totally worth it.

my daughter is jealously clutching the remnants of one of the 47,000 graham crackers she ate that afternoon. Lily is trying to draw our attention to the frightening length of the security line while making sure her parents know that SHE'S not flying them home, dammit.

And yes, we are really this pale (actually paler, I warmed us up considerably in the post production, y’all.) and yes; we really do live in Florida and California. The sun frightens us. We’re likely descended from moles.

Oh, and we’re aware of how much we look alike. The creepiest thing to me is the way both of our strikingly similar right eyes are slightly smaller than our strikingly similar left eyes when we smile our almost identical smiles. Certain traits on my Mother’s side of the family can’t seem to be bred out no matter what we mix in.

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  1. May 6, 2010 9:55 pm

    this is awesome! you two could seriously be sisters. and piper…adorable!

  2. Liz permalink
    May 6, 2010 10:05 pm

    It’s awesome that you made the effort to stay in touch. I cherish my family connections, especially my cousins who are scattered around the globe. You should check out this contest…

  3. May 7, 2010 1:59 am

    zomgs! piper looks sooo much like you as a yittle one! what a cool photo op.

  4. May 7, 2010 10:05 am

    I love it! What a great opportunity to recreate this photo! Super cute!

  5. May 7, 2010 3:53 pm

    Holy moly. You all look like sisters! Very cool that yall got to hang out.

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